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April 23 1. – AN ALIEN HAND: 1. The Tiny Teacher Grammar: 1. Phrases and Clauses 2. Noun Phrase and Noun Clause Speak English: 1. Would you Like…?  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on noun phrases – Game on noun clauses – Reading competition
june 20 -2. – AN ALIEN HAND: 2. Bringing Up Kari Grammar: 3. Adjective Phrase and Adjective Clause 4. Adverb Phrase and Adverb Clause 5. Much, Many, Fewer and Less Speak English: 2. I strongly feel….  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on adjective phrases and clauses – Game on adverb phrases and clauses
July 25 -3. – 4. AN ALIEN HAND: 3. The Dessert 4. The Cop and the Anthem Grammar: 6. Use of Distributive and Reciprocal Pronouns 7. Subordinating Conjunctions 8. Use of Some Modal Auxiliaries 9. The Gerund and the Participle Speak English: 3. That’s a great Suggestion! – Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on pronouns – Game on model auxiliary – Reading competition



August 24 – 5. – AN ALIEN HAND: 5. Golu Grows a Nose 6. I want Something in a Cage Grammar: 10. Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses 11. Passive Constructions 12. Indirect Constructions Speak English: 4. First, you must….. –  – Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on construction – Spell bizz
September 22
6. – 7. AN ALIEN HAND: 7. Chandni Grammar: 13. Seven Basic Patterns 14. Sequence of Tenses 15. Future Time Reference 16. Sentence and its structure Speak English: 5. It all began like this….
Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on tenses – Game on sentences – Reading competition
October 10 EXAMS 8. – Charts on covered topics
November 15  9. AN ALIEN HAND: 8. The Bear Story 9. A Tiger in the House Grammar: 17. The Complex Sentence 18. Vocabulary Enrichment 19. Reading Comprehention Speak English: 6. Pardon Me…. – —  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on vocabulary – Reading comprehension activity
December 21 –  10. AN ALIEN HAND: 10. An Alien Hand Grammar 20. Short Composition Writing 21. Long Composition Writing .Speak English: 7. I’m sorry,but…… – Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Composition writing activity


April 23 Chapter:- 1 Nutrition in plants Chapter:- 2 Nutrition in animals ➢ Draw the diagrams showing photosynthesis process. ➢ Draw the human digestive system on chart paper and label their parts. ➢ Make a chart on digestive system of ruminant / amoeba with the help of pictures.
june 20 -Chapter :- 3 Fiber to fabric Chapter :-4 Heat  Find out any crop is grown in your region for obtaining fiber. If yes, what is it used for? And paste the pictures of that crop in your book. ➢ Write the steps of processing fibers into wool with the help of pictures. ➢ Find out the normal temperature of domestic animals and birds.
July 25 -Chapter :- 5 Acids , Bases and salts Chapter :-6 physical and chemical changes Chapter :-7 Weather, Climate and adaptations of animals to climate – ➢ Prepare baking soda solution in water. Use this solution to write the message on a sheet of white paper with cotton bud. Rub a slice of fresh beet root over the message. ➢ Collect information about the types of fuels for cooking in your area. ➢ Collect information about the Indian Meteorological Department. If possible visit its website: http//



August 24 -Chapter :- 8 Winds, Storms and Cyclones Chapter :- 9 Soil Chapter :- 10 Respiration in organisms – ➢ Make a chart on formation of cyclone. ➢ Make the model of an anemometer. ➢ Make a chart on soil profile. ➢ Make a chart on human respiratory system / inhalation and exhalation process with the help of pictures.
September 22 Chapter :- 11 Transportation in animals and plants Chapter :- 12 Reproduction in plants Chapter 13 Motion and time  Draw the schematic diagram of circulation on chart paper. ➢ Draw and label the diagram of human heart / human excretory system. ➢ Make a model of a sand clock which can measure a time interval of 2 minutes.
October 10 EXAM Chapter :- 14 Electric current and its effects – ➢ Make a chart on electric circuit components.
November 15 Chapter :- 15 Light ➢ Role play (page no 191)
December 21 – Chapter :- 16 Water: A precious resources Chapter :- 17 Forest: Our lifeline Chapter :-18 Waste water story… – ➢ Make a poster on importance of water resources. ➢ Make a chart on effects of deforestation. ➢ Construct a crossword puzzle of your own using the keywords.


April 23 Our past Chapter:-1 tracing changes through a thousand years Geography Chapter:- 1 environment Social & political life Chapter:- 1 on equality ➢ Draw diagram on domains of environment. ➢ Make a chart on components of environment. ➢ Reading novel and collect information about Joothan [Dalit] from intrenet.
june 20 Our past Chapter:-2 new king and kingdoms Geography Chapter:- 2 inside our Earth Social & political life Chapter:- 2 role of the government in health ➢ Draw diagram on interior of the Earth. ➢ Draw diagram on continental crust and oceanic crust. ➢ Make a report on role of government in health. ➢ Find out more about taxes that are collected at present.
July 25 Our past Chapter:-3 the Delhi sultans Geography Chapter:- 3 our changing Earth Chapter:- 4 air Social & political life Chapter:- 3 how the states government works Chapter:- 4 growing up as boys and girls -➢ Make a model on waterfall. ➢ Make a chart on layers of atmosphere. ➢ Make a chart on types of rainfall. ➢ Make a report on how the states government works. ➢ Make a chart on the rulers of Delhi.



August 24 -Our past Chapter:-4 the mughal empire Geography Chapter:- 5 water Chapter:- 6 natural vegetation and wildlife Social & political life Chapter:- 5 women change the world Chapter:-6 understanding media – ➢ Make a chart on spring tides and neap tide. ➢ Collect pictures and photographs of forests and grasslands of different parts of world. Write one sentence below each picture. ➢ Make a project on woman leaders of India and their contribution. ➢ Make a report on role of media in present scenario. ➢ Make a project report on mughal emperors.
September 22 Our past Chapter:-5 rulers and buildings Chapter:-6 towns, traders and craftspersons Geography Chapter:- 7 human environmentsettlement, transport and communication Social & political life Chapter:- 7 understanding advertising ➢ Make a chart on different types of houses and transport system. ➢ Make a report on importance of advertising ➢ Make a chart of historical buildings of India with description. ➢ Find more about the architecture of either Thanjavur of Hampi, and prepare a scrap book illustrating temples and other buildings from these cities..
October 10 EXAM Our past Chapter:-7 tribes, nomads and settled communities Geography Chapter:-8 human environment interactions Social & political life Chapter:- 8 markets around us -➢ Make a chat on how destruction of trees effect the soil cover. ➢ Collect and paste the pictures on types of market. ➢ Make project report on Anoms, Banjaras and gonds.
November 15 Our past Chapter:-8 devotional paths to the divine Geography Chapter:- 9 life in the temperate grasslands Social & political life Chapter:- 9 a shirt in the market ➢ On an outline map of North America, mark the Rocky mountains, the Great lakes, river Mississippi, river Saskatchewan, the cities- Chicago and Winnipeg. ➢ Write down process & levels how shirt comes in market. ➢ Make a project on Bhakti movement & important of Bhakti saints.
December 21 – Our past Chapter:-9 the making of regional cultures Chapter:-10 eighteenth century political formations Geography Chapter:- 10 life in the desert Social & political life Chapter:- 10 struggles for equality… –  On the outline map of Africa, mark the Sahara desert and any four countries around it. ➢ On the outline map of India, mark the Karakoram range, Zanskar Range, Ladakh and Zoji La pass. ➢ Make a project report on struggle of equality. ➢ Choose one state each from north, west, south, east and central India. For each of these, prepare a list of foods that are commonly consumed, highlighting any differences and similarities that you notice. ➢ Collect popular tales about-rulers from any one of the following groups of people: the Rajputs, Jats, Sikhs or Marathas.


April 23 Chapter :- 1 Animals and Plants (1.1 to 1.6)
June 20 Chapter :- 2 Language and literature (2.1 to 2.8)
July 25 Chapter :-3 Science and technology (4.1 to 4.3)
August 24 Chapter :- 4 Know about India (4.1 to 4.5)
September 22 Chapter :- 5 Know about India (5.1 to 5.10)
October 10 EXAM Chapter :- 6 Sports and entertainment (6.1 to 6.4)
November 15 Chapter :- 6 Sports and entertainment (6.5 to 6.8)
December 21 Chapter :- 7 Miscellaneous (8.1 to 8.4)


April 23 Chap – 1 Computer System Chap – 2 Details on Windows 7 Make a projetc on Inout devices , output device ,storage devices • Windows short cut keys.
June 20 Chap – 2 Details on Windows 7 Chap – 3 Number System Make a project on types of memory • Organising data • Sorting data • Filtering data • Conditional formatting
July 25 Chap – 4 Elaboration on MS Excel 2007 Chap – 5 Creating charts in MS Excel 2007 .  Page setup • Page background • Paragraph formatting • Mail merger • Inserting picture in excel • Creating photoalbums • Amination and transition • Custom animation
August 24
Chap – 5 Creating charts in MS Excel 2007 Chap – 6 Introduction to Photoshopl
• Starting photoshop CS3 • Tools • Crating , opening, saving file.
September 22 Chap – 6 Introduction to Photoshop Chap – 7 Hazards to computers  Selecting an image • Moving , cropping image • Adding text to an image • Layers in photoshop • Filters
October 10 Chap – 7 Hazards to computers Chap – 8Importance of internet
November 15 Chap -9 Macromedia Flash 8 •• Starting Flash 8 • Flash interface • Property inspector • Flash tools
December 21 Chap – 9 Macromedia Flash 8 Appendices – Statements in QBasic, Exciting features of Gmail Projects  Timeline panel • Symbols • Animation in flash