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Philosophies at Sahajanand International School

  • To provide a safe, secure and conducive environment for overall development of children.
  • To inculcate in children, the values of compassion, empathy and respect
    towards others and the environment.
  • To promote qualities of self-discipline, positive thinking, teamwork and leadership in the children.
  • To foster international mindedness and make children global ready.
  • To provide state-of-the-art facilities, technologies and infrastructure to
    optimize teaching and learning.
  • To produce people with faith, good character, knowledgeable and with integrity.
  • To prepare human resources for the need and advancement of the nation.
  • To prepare human being with a sound knowledge and understanding of our cultural heritage and can safe guard them.
  • To induce the spirit of nationality with a vision of making our nation a smart nation with trust, dignity and pride.