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April 23 1. The best Christmas Present in the world – The Ant and the Cricket IT SO HAPPENED: 1. How the Camel got his hump Grammar: 1. Parts of Speech 2. The correct uses of Noun Speak English: 1. Tell me more….  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on noun – Game on speech
june 20 2. The Tsunami – Geography Lesson IT SO HAPPENED: 2. Children at work Grammar: 3. The correct use of Pronoun 4. Comparison of Adjectives 5. The correct use of Adjectives Speak English: 2. I agree….  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on pronouns – Game on adjectives
July 25 -3. Glimpses of the Past – Macavity: the Mystery Cat 4. Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory IT SO HAPPENED: 3. The Selfish Giant 4. The treasure within Grammar: 6. The correct use of Determiners 7. The correct use of Prepositions 8. The correct use of Verbs 9. Placing an Adverbs Speak English: 3. Why Don’t you….? –  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on determiners – Game on prepositions – Game on verbs



August 24 – The Last Bargain 5. The Summit within – The school boy IT SO HAPPENED: 5. Princess September 6. The fight Grammar: 10. The correct use of Adverbs 11. The correct use of Conjunctions 12. Common Errors Speak English: 4. Do try and….. – Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on adverbs – Game on conjunction
September 22
6. This is Jody’s Fawn – The and the Kangaroo 7. A visit to Cambridge IT SO HAPPENED: 7. The open window Grammar: 13. The revision of Tenses 14. Kind of Sentences and Subordinate Clauses 15. Combining Sentences 16. Vocabulary Enrichment Speak English: 5. It happened like this…..
Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on tenses – Game on sentences – Game on vocabulary
October 10 EXAMS – When I set out for Lyoclaus – Charts on covered topics
November 15 8. A Short Monsoon Diary – On the Grasshopper and Cricket IT SO HAPPENED: 8. Jalebis 9. The comet – I Grammar: 17. Reading Comprehension 18. Short Composition Writing Speak English: 6. May I suggest….? – -Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on comprehensin – Game on short composition writing
December 21 –  9. The Great Stone Face I 10. The Great Stone Face II IT SO HAPPENED: 10. The comet – II Grammar 19. Long Composition Writing .Speak English: 7. I apologize…..… –  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on long composition writing


April 23 Chap -1 Rational Numbers Chap-2 Linear Equations in one variable Make a project on properties of rational numbers.
june 20 2Chap – 3 Understanding Quadrilaterals Chap – 4 Practical Geometry • Make a project on classification of polygons.
July 25 -Chap – 5 Data Handling Chap – 6 Squares and Square roots –  • Make a project on Quadrilateral and its properties. • Make a project on types of graph.



August 24 – Chap-7 Cube and Cube roots Chap – 8 Comparing Quantities -Make a project on square and sqrt and cube and cube roots.n
September 22
6. Chap – 9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities Chap-10 Visualizing solid shapes…..
S Make a project on Expressions terms.(Monomials, binomials, trinomials) • Make a project in 2D and 3d objects.
October 10 Chap-11 Mensuration Chap-12 Exponents and powers Chap-11 Mensuration Chap-12 Exponents and powers
November 15 Chap-13 Direct and inverse properties Chap-14 Factorization –  Clarification by showing videos
December 21 Chap-15 Introduction to Graphs Chap 16- Playing with numbers.… – Make a project on types of graph.


April 23 Chapter :- 1 Crop production and management Chapter :- 2 Microorganisms: friends and foe Collect new agricultural machine pictures and paste in a file with their names and uses. ➢ Collect the labels from the bottles of jams and jellies. Write down the list of contents printed on the labels. ➢ Make a chart on nitrogen cycle.
june 20 Chapter :- 3 Synthetic fibers and plastic Chapter :- 4 Materials: metals and non-metals •Find more information about fibers and plastics and the products made from them, explore this website: http//
July 25 -Chapter :-5 Coal and petroleum Chapter :-6 Combustion and flame Chapter :- 7 Conservation of plants and animals –   Find out the information about major thermal power plants in India. ➢ Write a brief report about the preparedness of fire extinguishers to fight fire. ➢ Find out what precautions take in using LPG. ➢ Make a list of various uses of papers. Observe currency notes carefully. Do you find any difference between currency paper and paper of your notebook?



August 24 – Chapter :- 8 Cell- structures and functions Chapter :-9 Reproduction in animals Chapter :-10 Reaching the age of adolescence ➢ Draw the pictures of plant sell and animal cell. ➢ Collect newspaper cutting and information about HIV/AIDS. Write a one page article of 15 to 20 sentences on HIV/AIDS.
September 22 Chapter :- 11 Force and pressure Chapter :- 12 Friction Chapter :-13 Sound  Make a chart on contact forces and non-contact forces. ➢ Collect some pictures of sports in action where friction is either supporting it or opposing it. ➢ Prepare a list of famous Indian musician and the instruments they play. Stick their photos on chart paper.
October 10
EXAM Chapter :- 14 Chemical effects of electric current
➢ Make a chart on LED.
November 15 Chapter :- 15 Some natural phenomena – ➢ Draw a diagram of a typical seismograph record on chart paper.
December 21 Chapter :- 16Light Chapter :- 17 Stars and the solar system Chapter :- 18 Pollution of air and water – ➢ Find more information on Braille system. ➢ Draw and label the diagram of human eye. ➢ Make a chart on solar system. ➢ Collect and paste the different constellation in your book. ➢ Find more information about global warming..


April 23 Our past(part-I) Chapter:-1 how, when and where Chapter:- 2 from trade to territory Geography Chapter:- 1 resources Social & political life Chapter:- 1 the Indian constitution  Look at sources 1 and 2. Do you find any differences in the nature of reporting? Explain what you observe. ➢ Collect pictures, stories, poems and information about any of the following- the Rani of Jhansi, Mahadji Sindhia, Haidar Ali, Maharaja Ranjit, Lord Dalhousie or any other contemporary ruler of your region. ➢ Make a chart on types of resources. ➢ Make a chart on fundamentals rights & our Indian constitution key features.
june 20 Our past(part-I) Chapter:-3 ruling the countryside Chapter:-4 tribes, dikus and the vision of a golden age Geography Chapter:- 2 inside our Earth Social & political life Chapter:- 2 understanding secularism • Find out more about the Champaran movement and Mahatma Gandhi’s role in it. ➢ Find out whether the condition of work in the mines have changed now. Check how many people die in mines every year, and what are the reasons for their death. ➢ Make a project report on human resources. ➢ Make a project report on understanding secularism..
July 25 -Our past(part-I) Chapter:-5 when people rebel Chapter:-6 colonialism and the city Geography Chapter:- 2 land, soil, water, natural vegetation and wildlife resources Social & political life Chapter:- 3 why do we need a parliament? –  ➢ Make a list of places where the uprising took place in May, Jane and July 1857. ➢ Find out more about Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi. In what ways would she have been an unusual woman for her times? ➢ Do classroom arrangement like parliament & discussion by teacher.



August 24 -Our past(part-II) Chapter:-7 weavers, iron smelters and factory owners Chapter:-8 civilising the “native”, educating the nation Geography Chapter:- 3 mineral and power resources Social & political life Chapter:- 4 understanding laws On a map of India, locate the centers of different crafts today. Find out when these centers came up. ➢ Make a chat on minerals & classification / conventional sources of energy / non-conventional sources of energy / Hydel power / Geothermal energy / nuclear energy / tidal energy and biogas. ➢ Poster making & slogan writing based on laws & volition of laws.
September 22 Our past(part-II) Chapter:-9 women, caste and reform Geography Chapter:- 4 Agriculture Social & political life Chapter:- 5 judiciary ➢ Make a chart on Swami Dayanand Saraswati. ➢ Make a projct report on types of farming. ➢ Make a project report on role of judiciary & different levels of courts in India.
October 10 EXAM Our past(part-II) Chapter:-10 the changing world of visual arts Geography Chapter:-5 industries Social & political life Chapter:- 6 understanding our criminal justice system  Find out the inputs, outputs and process involved in the manufacture of a leather shoe. ➢ Collect different types of pieces of clothes from a tailor’s shop and classify them under cotton, silk, synthetic and woollen. ➢ Imagine that you and your classmate are now part of the criminal justice system. First divide the class into the following four groups of persons: 1. Police 2. Public prosecutor 3. Defense lawyer 4. judge
November 15 Our past(part-II) Chapter:-11 the making of the nation movement: 1870s-1947 Geography Chapter:- 6 human resources Social & political life Chapter:- 7 understanding marginalization Chapter:- 8 confronting marginalisation -Look at fig 6.2 and find out: of these countries how many are in Asia? Color them on a world map. ➢ Make a project report on the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. ➢ Essay writing on marginalization on adivasis minorities.
December 21 Our past(part-II) Chapter:-12 India after independence Social & political life Chapter:- 9 public facilities Chapter:- 10 law and social justice – ➢ Who was Mira Behn? Find out more about her life and her ideas. ➢ Find more about law and social justice from internet


April 23 Chapter :- 1 Animals and Plants (1.1 to 1.6)
June 20 Chapter :- 2 Language and literature (2.1 to 2.8)
July 25 Chapter :-2 Language and literature (2.6 to 2.10)
August 24 Chapter :- 3 Science and technology (3.1 to 3.9)
September 22 Chapter :- 4 Sports and entertainment (4.1 to 4.8)
October 10 EXAM Chapter :- 5 Know about India (5.1 to 5.3)
November 15 Chapter :- 5 Know about India (5.4 to 5.7)
December 21 Chapter :- 6 Know about the World (6.1 to 6.6) Chapter :- 7 Miscellaneous (7.1 to 7.3)


April 23 Chap – 1 Computer Networking Chap – 2 Ms Access Make a project on topology • Starting ms access • Access object • Views • Creating database
June 20 Chap – 2 MS Access Chap – 3 More on MS Access y  Opening a exiting an existing database • Creating tables • Saving table • Entering data in a table • Soring and filtering • Searching for data • Creating a query • Form • Reports
July 25 Chap – 4 Introduction to HTML Chap – 5 Creating web page Using HTML . • How to create and save a HTML document • Viewing an HTML document
August 24 Chap – 5 Creating web page Using HTML Adding paragraphs • Formatting text • Inserting images • Creating tables • Creating lists
September 22 Chap –6 Introduction to visual basic 2008 Chap – 7 Working with Visual Basic controls  Creating a new project • Form window • Property window • Code window • Command button • How to write VB program • Saving VB project
October 10 Chap – 7 Working with Visual Basic controls Check box • Radio button • Combo box • Arithmetic operators • Conditional statements
November 15 Chap – 8 APP Development Chap – 9 E- Commerce •• How to do shopping? what is cart? Etc….
December 21 Chap – 10 Computer Ethics Chap – 11 Internet Safety Projects