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Promotion & Assessment Policy

Rules for Assessment

The Assessment and  Examination policy is with reference to CBSE Circular No: Acad-14/2017 dated 21/03/2017 stands modified.

Class I  To VIII :

  • School will assess a child based on Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas. Scholastic will include Internal / Periodic Assessment (20 marks) and Half Yearly & Yearly / Annual Examination (80 marks).


    Subjects :English, Hindi, Maths, EVS,

  Science, Social Science, Sanskrit /Gujarati

  and Computers


   Term-1 (first half of session): 20 marks

  Periodic Assessment + 80 marks for

  Half Yearly Exam


  Term-2 (second half of session):20 marks

   Periodic Assessment + 80 marks for

   Annual / Yearly Exam

  • Periodic Assessment comprises of Periodic Test (weightage10 marks) + Note Book Submission (weightage 5 marks) + Subject Enrichment Activity (weightage 5marks).
  • There will be Periodic Test in first Semester (April to September) & Second Semester (October to February) along-with Half-Yearly Examination (in September). Yearly / Annual Exam will be in March.
  • The syllabus for Periodic Test will be the chapters that are taught in the class one week before the D-day. Syllabus for Half Yearly will be approximately 50% of the Curriculum i.e., Term-I syllabus.
  • The syllabus for Annual Examination in class I to V will be Entire syllabus of Term-II + few important topics of Term-I.
  • The syllabus for Annual Examination in class VI will be 10% of Term-I covering significant topics+ Entire syllabus of Term-II.
  • The syllabus for Annual Examination in class VII will be 20% of Term-I covering significant topics+ Entire syllabus of Term-II.
  • The syllabus for Annual Examination in class VIII will be 30% of Term-I covering significant topics+ Entire syllabus of Term-II.
  • Co-scholastic Areas are: Work Education; Art Education; Health & Physical Education along-with Discipline.
  • Thus, Term-I: 100 marks (Periodic Test-10 marks +Note Book-5 marks + Subject Enrichment-5 marks + HY-80 marks)
  • Term-II:100 marks (Periodic Test-10 marks + Note Book-5 marks + Subject Enrichment 5 marks + AE-80 marks)


Promotion Policy:

  • Child needs to secure 33% in Half Yearly and Yearly / Annual Exam separately (i.e., 26.4 out of 80) to pass in a particular subject. To get passed and promoted to next class, child has to secure 33% in each subject.

Attendance during Exams:

  • 75% Attendance is a must for a child to appear for Annual Examinationheld in March. The school sends a report of attendance to CBSE in the first week of February and in case child is falling short of mandatory 75%, then he/she will not be eligible to appear in Annual Examination. Please ensure that your child fulfills attendance criteria.

Rules for Examinations :

  • Attendance is compulsory for all tests and examinations held during the year, failing which the student will be awarded zero. No consideration will be given to the absentees except on medical grounds, at the sole discretion of the Head of the school. It is the responsibility of both students and their parents to ensure that they do not miss any Written Tests or Examinations.
  • Subjects like Computer Science, Third language, PE, Art, Music and Sports will also be graded.
  • Students reporting late for examinations will not be given any extra time for answering the question papers.
  • Unfair Means : Students found using any unfair means during any of the examinations, will be awarded zero in that subject. Parent and the concerned student will be summoned and asked to provide an explanation. A repeat of such cheating in future will result in prompt issue of a Transfer Certificate without notice.
  • Requests for the issue of Progress Cards before the declaration of results will not be entertained.
  • Exam dates are decided in advance. Exam / Assessment cannot be conducted on any other date / day for parents personal convenience / requirement.