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April 23 1. Who Did Patrick’s Homework? – A house, A Home A PACT WITH THE SUN: 1. A tale of Two birds….. Grammar: 1. The Noun: case 2. Relative and Interrogative Pronouns Speak English: 1. Need any help?  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on noun – Game on pronouns
june 20 –2. How the Dog Found Himself a New Master! – The Kite A PACT WITH THE SUN: 2. The Friendly Mongoose… Grammar: 3. Quantitative, Emphasizing and Numeral Adjectives 4. The use of some Adverbs 5. Determiners 6. Correlative Conjunctions Speak English: 2. Nice weather, isn’t it  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on adjectives – Game on adverbs – Game on conjunctions
July 25 – Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on adjectives – Game on adverbs – Game on conjunctions.. — howing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on voice – Game on tenses – Spell bizz



August 24 . Beauty 5. A different kind of School – Where Do All the Teachers Go? A PACT WITH THE SUN: 4. The Old-Clock Shop… 5. Tansen Grammar: 11. Use of There and It 12. ‘Else’ and ‘or else’ 13. The use of Tenses 14. Active and Passive voice Speak English: 4. What happens river –  howing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on voice – Game on tenses – Spell bizz
September 22 6. Who I am…. – The Wonderful Words 7. Fair Play A PACT WITH THE SUN: 6. The Monkey and the crocodile 7. The wonder called Sleep…… Grammar: 15. Direct and Indirect Speech 16. Sentence, Phrase and Clause 17. Clauses of Time and Condition Speak English: 5. The talk is about…..  Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on speech – Game on phrase and clause – Reading competition
October 10 EXAMS 8. A Game of Chance – Charts on covered topics
November 15 – Vacation 9. Desert Animals A PACT WITH THE SUN: 8. A pact with the Sun … 9. What Happened to the Reptiles Grammar: 18. Vocabulary Enrichment 19. Unseen Comprehension Speak English: 6. Shall we begin now?. – — Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on vocabulary
December 21 – What if 10. The Banyan Tree A PACT WITH THE SUN: 10. A Strange Wrestling Match… Grammar 20. Composition Writing Speak English: 7. I’m so proud of you! Showing of videos on grammar topics – Use of CD to develop communication skill – Game on composition – Picture conversation


April 23 Chapter:- 1 Food: Where does it comes from? Chapter:- 2 Components of food ➢ Find out the names of plants that grow in water and which are eaten as food. ➢ Make a list of food item generally taken by people of different region of India. ➢ Make a chart on some diseases caused by deficiency of vitamins and minerals. ➢ Prepare a diet chart to provide balance diet to a twelve year old child. The diet chart should include food items which are not expensive and are commonly available in your area.
june 20 -Chapter :- 3 Fiber to fabric Chapter :-4 Sorting material into groups ➢ Find out any crop is grown in your region for obtaining fiber. If yes, what is it used for? And paste the pictures of that crop in your book. ➢ Write down the names of objects that were made of wood/objects that are edible/substance that are soluble or insoluble.
July 25 – Chapter :- 5 Separation of substance Chapter :-6 Changes around us —  Make a chart on different methods of separation. ➢ Make a chart Sedimentation/Decantation/Filtration. ➢ Take a lemon, a paintbrush and a piece of paper. Cut the lemon and squeeze out its juice in a cup. Dip the brush in the lemon juice and write a message on the paper. Let the paper dry and you find the letters of your message become invisible. Now, press the paper with hot iron or warm it by holding it above the flame of a candle. And observe.



August 24 .

Chapter :- 7 Getting to know plants Chapter :- 8 Body movements Chapter :- 9 The living organism and their surrounding

Make a chart on rib cage, backbone, the skull. ➢ Make a chart on skeleton of a bird with the help of picture. ➢ Find out which animals live in the foot-hills of the Himalayas. ➢ Make a chart on habitant album.
September 22 Chapter :- 10 Motion and measurement of distances Chapter :- 11 Light, Shadow and Reflections Chapter :- 12 Electricity and Circuits Make a chart on types of motion. ➢ Make a chart on transparent, opaque objects. ➢ Draw the inside view of a torch on chart paper. ➢ Read and find out about Alessandro Volta who invented the electric cell. You may also find out about Thomas Alva Edison who invented the electric bulb.
October 10 EXAM Chapter :- 13 Fun with Magnets -➢ Try to place two equal sized bar magnets one above the other such that their north poles are on the same side. Note what happens and write your observation .
November 15 Chapter :- 14 Water – Prepare a poster on ways of saving water. ➢ Write a few slogans on the topic of “save water”.
December 21 -Chapter :- 15 Air around us Chapter :- 16 Garbage in, Garbage out Collect old wastes like glass bottles, plastic bottles, coconut husk, wool, and any other thing. Make something useful out of these.


April 23 Our past Chapter:-1 What, Where, How and When? Geography Chapter:- 1 the Earth in the solar system Social & political life Chapter:- 1 Understanding diversity ➢  Make a chart on important dates and time period of early period. ➢ Project work on solar system. ➢ Collect the information on diversity of India.
june 20 Our past Chapter :- 2 On the trail of the earliest people Chapter :-3 from gathering to growing food Geography Chapter:- 2 Globe: latitudes and longitudes Social & political life Chapter:- 2 Diversity and discrimination ➢ Make two parts in notebook in left side list the foods hunter gathers ate and in other side list the foods you eat. Note down similarity and differences. ➢ Draw a diagram of the Earth showing the Earth’s axis, the Equator, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic circle and Antarctic Circle.
July 25 – Our past Chapter :- 4 In the earliest cities Chapter :-5 What books and burials tell us Geography Chapter:- 3 Motions of the Earth Social & political life Chapter:- 3 What is government? —  Make a report on earliest cities and present cities and compare it. ➢ Make a drawing on inclination of the Earth on chart paper. ➢ Make a chart on types of government and levels of government. ➢ Find more information regarding government from internet.



August 24 .

Our past Chapter :- 6 Kingdoms, king and an early republic Chapter :- 7 New questions and ideas Geography Chapter:- 4 Maps Social & political life Chapter:- 4 Key elements of a Democratic government

Find more information regarding earliest king and their kingdom from internet. ➢ Make a chart on important dates related to chapters. ➢ Make chart on types of maps with the help of pictures. ➢ Make a report on equality and justice.

September 22 Our past Chapter :- 8 Ashoka, the emperor who gave up war Geography Chapter:- 5 Major domains of the earth Social & political life Chapter:- 5 Panchayati raj  Make a project report on Ashoka the great. ➢ Map work (seven major continents/ four major oceans). ➢ Make diagram in your copy on biospheres. ➢ Showing video on panchayati raj.
October 10 EXAM Our past Chapter :- 9 Vital villages, thriving towns Geography Chapter:- 6 Major landforms of the Earth Social & political life Chapter:- 6 Rural administration – Information will be given related to chapter by showing through internet. ➢ Make a model of volcano.
November 15 Our past Chapter :- 10 Traders, kings and pilgrims Geography Chapter:- 7 Our country- India Social & political life Chapter:- 8 rural livelihoods – Write down report on importance of silk route. ➢ Map work (label the 29 states of India and neighboring country). ➢ Video on physical division of India on internet.
December 21 -Our past Chapter :- 11 new empires and kingdoms Chapter :- 12 buildings, paintings and books Geography Chapter:- 8 India : climate, vegetation and wildlife Social & political life Chapter:- 9 urban livelihoods ➢ Make a list of important dates related to chapter. ➢ Read the story on page 130. In what ways is the monkey king similar to or different from the kings? ➢ Make a list of trees around your surroundings and collect the pictures of plants, animals and birds and paste them in your copy. ➢ Does any migration bird come in your locality? Try to identify that. Be watchful in winter season. ➢ Visit a zoo in your city or visit a nearby forest or sanctuary with your elders. Watch various types of wildlife there.


April 23 Chapter :- 1 Animals and Plants (1.1 to 1.6)
June 20 Chapter :- 2 Language and literature (2.1 to 2.8)
July 25 Chapter :-3 Science and technology (4.1 to 4.3)
August 24 Chapter :- 4 Sports and entertainment (4.1 to 4.8)
September 22 Chapter :- 5 Know about India (5.1 to 5.10)
October 10 EXAM Chapter :- 6 Know about the world (6.1 to 6.4)
November 15 Chapter :- 6 Know about the world (6.5 to 6.7)
December 21 Chapter :- 7 Miscellaneous (8.1 to 8.4)


April 23 Chap -1 More about Computers Chap- 2 Windows Explorer Make a project on high level language and low level language • Component of windows explorer • Organising files and folders
June 20 Chap – 3 Exploring MS Word 2007 Chap – 4 More on MSWord 2007 • Header and footer • Hyperlinks • Bookmark
July 25 Chap – 4 More on MS Word 2007 Chap -5 Enriching PowerPoint Slides .  Page setup • Page background • Paragraph formatting • Mail merger • Inserting picture in excel • Creating photoalbums • Amination and transition • Custom animation
August 24
Chap – 6 Introduction to MS Excel
 Selecting/ Deslecting cells • Entering data in a cell • Editing cell content • Inserting and deleting cell • Auto fill • Creating custom lists.
September 22 Chap – 7 Formatting Data in Ms Excel . •• Formatting text • Boredr and background colors • Alignment and orientation • Wrap text and merger center • Header and footer • Number formatting
October 10 Chap –8 Formulas in MS Excel  • Operators in MS Exel • Text formula • Basic arithmetic formula • Opertator precendence
November 15 Chap –8 Formulas in MS Excel Chap – 9 More about Scratch • Screen elements • Switching between costumes • Changing the stage background
December 21 Chap – 10 More on Internet Appendices Introduction to Basic , Projects
• Composing and sending mail • Attaching a file • E-greeting